Hanging by a Thread

I am not certain where the picture by Sandra was taken. It looks like Charmouth on the south of England. The area is also referred to as the Jurassic coast because of the large number of fossils found along the foot of the cliffs. Thank you Sandra for reminding me of my holiday visit. (From Sandra’s page, she tells us the picture was taken at West Bay, Dorset).

As always, thank you Rochelle for posting this week’s prompt, please click on her name to join the party. More contributions of 100 words stories can be found HERE.

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Hanging by a Thread

We holiday every June in Charmouth, to sunbathe on the beach. On the cool days, we walk along the cliff tops or among the costal rocks looking for fossils.

We call the seagull Freddy; he knows when we buy chips and circles around waiting for a chance to swoop and steal. To annoy Charlene, Tom threw her chips into the air. She stormed off up the path.

I am patient with Charlene, her teenage tantrums, her fussy eating fads, her blackmailing, and exaggerated modesty in the caravan.

‘Do you think she will really jump?’ Tom laughs.

I run after her.

27 responses to “Hanging by a Thread

  1. Beautifully under-stated

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  2. Thank you James and Sandra for reminding me of my walks as a child with mother and sister from Studland and Old Harry to Dancing Ledge. You can’t walk all the way through these days, as the military training camp before Lulworth Cove often closes the path off. So we could only do bits of the Jurassic coast, formed during that geological era, with my husband and three children. You can still walk from Eastbourne right over the Seven Sisters on the South East coast though, and take the train back, as my eldest daughter did last summer. Memories and longings, shared pleasures.

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  3. That quickly escalated into something infinitely more worrying. Well done.

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  4. I too love walking along the cliffs and do so often as I live close to The Seven Sisters in East Sussex.

    I was smiling along with your words until they took that unexpected turn.

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  5. Oh dear.. I hope she doesn’t.
    I like Freddy.

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  6. I forgot to say the title reminds me of a character in ‘Bread’ who constantly said his life was hanging by a thread.

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  7. That went from tantrum to (emotional) terrorism pretty quickly. I wouldn’t think she would jump, but it’s best not to take chances in those situations.

    Freddy reminds me of having lunch on the beach with my friend and her niece. A legion of squirrels surrounded us begging for fries. They all got some along with new names. The only two I remember were Holmes and Watson.

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  8. Love this. I can see it.

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  9. Such a good ending 🙂

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  10. thank goodness, he was watching her back.

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  11. She could indeed! A smooth build up.


  12. Dear James,

    Oh dear. Hopefully not!
    Seagulls are sky scavenger’s aren’t they? I’ve watched people feed them chips on the beach. Happy times. Nicely done.



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  13. I like the nuances in this, James.

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  14. Oh! How startling! I sure hope their vacation was not destroyed by a moment of thoughtless teasing.

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  15. Ohhh brothers and their teasing! That was a lovely scene with a scary twist. Great story!

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  16. A great description of reaching the age where things / and attitudes change. She’s growing up and finding herself. Though I hope not to a dangerous extent.

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  17. Well done, James. Much is told in few words. 🙂

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