To Hell and Back

 This week’s photo prompt is a peaceful street scene, and as we head into the New Year of 2023, I am sure our world is praying for peace.

Thank you, Rochelle (click on her name for the page), for our last Friday Fictioneers of the year 2022.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

To Hell and Back

Uri, do you remember the first time we came here?
It was a rotten day, a dirty place.

No, no. I think it was a happy day.
Bubbe! It was raining, cold and miserable.

Uri, my heart was singing and burning with hope.
Sara, we schlepped through the mud as humiliated donkeys.

Elation in freedom.
Oy vey ist mir, wearing our schmatte.
Mensch! Now you make me feel sad.

Sorry, my Sara, please don’t cry.
Cry! I never cried. Okay, maybe for forgiveness when we reached the kibbutz.

Look, Sara. What a wonderful place.
We built this, you adorable klutz.

22 responses to “To Hell and Back

  1. Nice confrontation of memories. We all remember such different things of the same events

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  2. They seem to be happy arguing about their memories.

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  3. michael1148humphris

    Perhaps memories are a human weakness. As we act on what we think that we recall… the compliments of the season to you

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  4. He said she said. lol
    Fun story.

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  5. Memories can be joyful and painful.

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  6. Dear James,

    Oy bubbeleh, I’m ferklempt at your Yiddishkeit! Painful memories but with a satisfying payoff at the end.

    Shalom and a Happy New Year,


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  7. A tale of mixed emotions! Wishing you a Happy New Year, James.

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  8. Wonderful. So many memories depend on point of view. Well done, James.

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  9. when all’s said and done, we are what we choose to remember.

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  10. Two people, same place, same circumstances. Different perspectives.

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  11. Story of mixed emotions well written :0

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  12. This reminds me of my parents. They had so many arguments because they remembered things differently.

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  13. It seemed like he was trying to bring her joyful spirit down, and when he finally succeeded, he told her to stop being sad. I’m guessing they both feel ambivalence because the horror that brought them there yet at the same time allowed them to survive. They still have each other and that’s what’s important. Happy Holidays, James.

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  14. Nicely done. A moment of meeting where everyone recalls the same thing slightly differently. It shows us that everything is relative. Clever piece

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