The Future is Bright

Friday Fictioneers photo from Fleur shows one of my irritations when driving at night; bright headlights from oncoming traffic. However, the rustic-red coloured sky is the lovely.

Thank you to Rochelle for the prompt and many other stories can be found HERE.


The Future is Bright

Don’t be angry John!
Forgiveness is humble, trust me.

Debbie, trust me! If only I can reach eighty-eight mph and drive into the white.
Then we will live a future of eternal happiness.

John, please slow down!

He pushed hard on the accelerator and drove into the oncoming light.

A horrendous roar of a foghorn exploded towards them.

Debbie grabbed the steering wheel and turned the car on to the verge.
The DeLorean rattled over the rough gravel and ground to a stop.

Oh, Debbie… I’m really sorry.

Please John, I forgot to feed Baxter.
And, he needs his walk.


16 responses to “The Future is Bright

  1. Now there’s a woman who understands responsibility!

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  2. She clearly knows what the priorities should be! Nice one James.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, that was a tension-filled scenario. He’s lucky to have her to slow him down … waaaaay down!

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  4. Phew, she acted fast. He seems to have been planning something. Lucky she stopped him in time. Great take on the prompt

    Liked by 2 people

  5. DeLorean? You don’t want to smash that up. Go “back to the future” already.

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  6. Hah, nice twist. Good on Mabel to know her priorities. Next time they take Baxter with them and off they go into the future.

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  7. humor at its best. well done. 🙂

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  8. Time travel or feed and walk Baxter? Decisions, decisions. I like Gabi’s comment.

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  9. The woman must be on some fine antianxiety medication. Excellent story, James.

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  10. Well, if they can’t go back in time (or forward), at least they can get back in time to feed Baxter. What kind of future of eternal happiness doesn’t include Baxter? I don’t think John thought this plan through.

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  11. Wow that was tense! I agree with Bill, she’s on some powerful meds. Great story!

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  12. Dear James,

    You took us on quite the ride. Good job.



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