Who Lives There Now

Thank you, to Lisa Fox for the Photo–prompt for this week’s Friday Fictioneers. 

Our host Rochelle encourages us to write a 100-word flash fiction to illuminate what is behind the pictures. More story contributions are found HERE

Who Lives There Now?

We appear now and again and look up to the windows where we all once lived.

We see a young lady occasionally staring out.

Marleen and her boy Sam were the occupants before Agatha, who had five cats.
I remember the smell, and it needed a deep clean before I moved in.

We are friends now, Marleen, Sam, Agatha, and me.

Often, we discuss how people never know the history of their home.
Too late for us now. 

We shimmer as we look up, knowing that the woman will join us soon.

No one survives the torment of FLAT 13.


20 responses to “Who Lives There Now

  1. At least there’s a life after flat 13

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  2. That place does look like ghosts live there, doesn’t it? I didn’t think it was cursed, though…


  3. Oooh that last sentence was chilling. Great stuff

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  4. Wonderfully ominous. Reminds me of Room 13 by Robert Swindells.

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  5. I wouldn’t want to live in Flats 12 or 14 with all those weird things happening to my neighbours!

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  6. An eerie twist in that end!

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  7. Oh no! They will have new friends joining them soon.

    You are right that we often do not know the history of the place where we move in.
    It might be haunted…


  8. Dear James

    The last line was an exclamation point. Eerie and well done.



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  9. Oh dear, poor tenants.

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  10. Delightfully creepy! Thanks for giving me the chills.

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  11. a wonderful ghost story. well done.


  12. Oooooo ghosts! Creepy but I love it. All hanging out after death.


  13. Flat 13 is extra vicious. Not only does it take lives, but it also keeps souls. Creepy.

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  14. James, that last line gave me an instant shiver. I guessed they were ghosts, but to have something more sinister than ghosts killing the occupants family by family, yipes!

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  15. Chillingly well done 🙂

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  16. Oh, I love this one! Wonderful opening for a longer, spooky story 🙂

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  17. A different telling of a ghost story. I enjoyed the story. Might get crowded though.

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  18. Well done. I like the calm in the story.

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