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Three Line Tales – Great Expectations

Three Line Tales -Great Expectations.


Photo by Annie Sprat via Unsplash

Just another large gin to steady the nerves, must be presentable; you understand.
I hope they bring a red and some Jack Daniels or better, a Glenmorangie.
Food! Too late they are here. Why the white coats? What have I done?

Three Line Tales – A New House.

Three Line Tales – A New House.


Photo by Andrew Neel via Unsplash

Lost in the dark, cold, damp caves. A dragon screeches loud from above.
‘Tim, Tim… Come on… out the cellar now… it’s your bedtime.’
Hot chocolate and dreams of tomorrow’s plans; the jungle in the attic.


Three Line Tales – The Ghost of Nature


Photo by Rebecca Johnston

Three Line Tales – Week Thirty Five

The Ghost of Nature

I am the evolution and future of Earth’s existence.
The protector of all species within nature’s kingdom.
But, Man with his weapons predicates only the world’s extinction.

Three Line Tales – Mojito Sting

Three Line Tales


Photo by Wolf Schram

Mojito Sting.

‘Oye que bola,’ she sipped mojito in the Bertolt Brecht bar, hustling canasta. I had a sure winner and dropped in my Chevrolet keys. She turned a full house. ‘Want to come for a ride?’ She laughed. At the beach in the back seat, was I lucky or being screwed for my car?


I have added a short story from my collection The Listener.


Three Line Tales – Cultured Hands


Three Line Tales – Only 100 words.


Photo by Alex Hockett

Visual art is symbolic of who we are,
and like our human souls there is eternal value,
in the preservation of our skin.

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Forked Tongue

Three Line Tales – Time



Photo by Rachel Crowe

Our family heirloom
Past, present, and the future
Treasure in my hand

Three Line Tales – Burning at our Heels.



Photo by Dan Carlson


Forever in our marathon journey through life,

we are in an endless race chasing the dreams of our future,

and so must stay one leap ahead of fate burning at our heels.

Three Line Tales: A Journey to the Other-side.


Photo from Three Line Tales.

The engine stalled and the Ferry went adrift mid-river,

All that could be heard was the roaring rapids of the falls.

The engine started; a passenger smiled and said ,’well whatever.’


Three Line Tales – Exploration

Where there be Dragons.

Boots and Maps

By Rosan Harmens

The cartographer lays out the World for all to see,

But can we lace up our courage?

To explore space, “Where there be Dragons”.


Three Line Tales – Sweet Delusion

Sweet Delusion.

ice cakes

Photo -Stephanie McCabe From Three Line Tales

Only 100 words.

On the seven-seven to the Death Star, eating ice cakes with soft laced centers that make your mind scream and laugh with joy. Watch out for the dripping dark bitter ones that will turn you from a girl to a boy.

( Death Star )