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Becoming Roots _Six Words

Writing six word stories, rather than a statement, is not as straight forward as it might seem. I end up pondering for hours over the picture prompts thinking up ideas then discarding them as whimsical and pointless. I aim to find the words that allow the reader to find the story, where their own experiences in life allows an enigmatic interpretation.

A mysterious winding path; requires courage.

Emotional Blackmail.

The Golden Gun  

(Six Word Novel.)


Gun to head; nothing you said.

Six Word Novels-Three Novels

Misc June 15 009

“Now look what you’ve made me do – Stanley!”

Three novels this week ; wedding off.

Which one is really a 6-word novel within Ernest Hemingway’s definition, and which are just one-line headlines?


Incontinent celebrity’s injunction; media leaks out.


Mountain mystery bus tour is suspended.


Manic suicide bomber survives heart attack.


Six Word Story. Dog Walker.


Dog walker’s body found; no leads.