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Sibling Rivalry

Looking at this week’s photo prompt, I can only imagine how uncomfortable the owner of the discarded boot must have felt.

Thanks to Rochelle for posting and encouraging us to write our 100 word stories. Other contributions can be found HERE.

PHOTO PROMPT © Starsinclayjars

Sibling Rivalry

How could you, Sonia?

Sorry Anne, I only took it off to scratch my leg.

The support boot was brand new. 

Wilhelm distracted me and offered to push me into the library.

Do you know what it costs?

Wilhelm suggested we go hill walking this weekend.

I’m not buying you a new one.

He made me laugh. Really, in my wheelchair, I said. 

Are you listening to me?

Stop fussing. Wilhelm promised to take me trekking once my ankle has healed.

Well, look after yourself this weekend.

Anne! Why?

Wilhelm is taking me sightseeing and to a show in Paris. 

Comfort Labrador

The picture this week from Dale gives me the impression of a dark, foggy morning as we wait for the day to begin.

This prompt for Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle, click on her name to visit her site.
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Comfort Labrador

The fluttering of anticipation somersaulted around Mary’s stomach like acrobats.

He had promised to make her happy and to love her to the end of the Earth.
Perhaps he can’t climb over the horizon, or is he lost in Lilliput, again? 
She trusted every word then, his smiles, and hugs; running home from school because of the news.
That day, a dark, claustrophobic fog descended and strangled hope forever. The Mad Hatter raced and gibbered inside her soul. She slashed and tore, but darkness gripped tighter.

The doorbell rang. 
Her comfort Labrador, Ben, had arrived.
“My dad’s name.” She cried.

Southern Warmth

Hi Bill, your picture prompt is a great picture and gives me the idea of a wild retirement of wandering freely, and seeking the warmth of sunshine and pleasant folks.

This prompt for Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle, click on her name to visit. You may find lots to interest you. More story contributions from the group’s story writers can be found HERE.

PHOTO PROMPT © Bill Reynolds

Southern Warmth

The pioneer spirit rattled around, and I couldn’t shake it out my head.
I guess Grandpa’s stories of his prairie wagon days conjured my yearning for the open road.

After my retirement handshake I bought a Pickup and hauled a trailer all the way down to New Mexico fleeing the wintery, Chicago smog.
I couldn’t stay after my sweetheart succumbed to the city’s grime.

On the way I met a wandering soul who laments to my clumsy chords.
At night, we huddle watching Venus floating between Leo and Gemini.

She is called Louise, an oblivious blister in this imperfect world. 

Grandma’s Legacy

Thank you, Rochelle, for the memories your picture this week has stirred. I am sure we all have many items in the attic or at the back of the garage that were once loved but are now forgotten. Eventually, they end up in junk shops because we think ‘someone’ may find it useful.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Grandma’s Legacy

The musty smell of antiquity evokes my engrained fear of Grandma Louise. I see a porcelain pan, and I retch. Mornings, I had flushed grandma’s contents down the outside toilet. 

I wander junk markets conflicted with angry and fond memories, to relive my chaotic childhood. The Bible that bruised my skull, the flea infested shawl for winter huddles. The horn handled stick with which Grandma beat sense into me.
In a cruel way, she was loving and kind, and a penniless old hag with an infectious laughter that endeared forgiveness.

She left me a landscape, a ‘Constable’. 
Thank you, Grandma.

Teddy is Alone

My first thought on seeing Roger’s photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers this week was to ask; where are the children?
Okay, it looks as if it has been raining and I expect all the mums have kept their little darlings indoors to remain safe and dry.

Thanks to Rochelle for keeping our ‘fictioneering’ challenged, click on the name to reach her site. Many more stories for this week’s prompt are found HERE.

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Teddy is Alone.

The siren screaming across the town became a daily ritual and, below in the bomb shelters, families huddled. The children sang songs and played board games until they fell asleep.

Katrina couldn’t sleep. She was worried about the play park. Yesterday was the first time she climbed, swung, and slid with her friends as mum laid out a picnic on a bench.

‘Mum,’ she said. ‘Mum, Mum.’ She shook her mother awake.
‘Please, sleep, darling.’

‘But Mum… will they bomb the playground?’
‘We’ll go tomorrow. Do you need the toilet?’
‘It’s okay, Katrina, we’ll find Teddy in the morning.’ 

Love-soaked Honeymoon

Thank you, David, for your photo prompt for this week’s Friday Fictioneers. I can imagine sitting in the hotel having breakfast watching torrential rain thunder down outside and thinking -it looks like another day at the indoor pool or playing cards. So much for a day on the beach-.

Check out our host Rochelle’s site and other 100 word stories HERE.

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

Love-Soaked Honeymoon 

Olivia screamed in laughter as they dashed through the rain and fluttering confetti into the limousine. Everyone cheered from under their umbrellas.
Their photographer abandoned the garden and riverside shots instead took indoor pictures around the reception hotel’s flora.

They left promptly, only to be delayed at Gatwick before their flight took off to Antigua for ten days on hot Caribbean sandy beaches.

Constant lashing rain from the tail end of hurricane Fiona kept the newly weds tucked up in the honeymoon suite.
‘I’m sorry about the rain,’ he said.
She kissed him. ‘It’s my fault for marrying you, Noah.’

Family Seance

Friday Fictioneers.

This week’s prompt of oil lamps brings back the times I did not trim the wick properly and ended up with soot inside the glass. Done the right way, the lamp gives off a wonderful glow and as you huddle around it for a little heat and comfort, you can’t help wondering what is lurking in the dark corners of the room.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Family Seance

On the first day of Autumn, our family traditionally holds a thankful togetherness around the oil lamps. A reminder of a humble journey from the harsh dust bowl to our prosperous orange groves.

Grandma told me she burned down the old house, spat in the wind and kicked the foreclosures man’s arse. On the edge of a prayer, she drove their wagon west with a broken husband and a deserted, pregnant daughter huddled among the measly fodder.

Today, I sit holding hands with Dorothy and our children as we remember their spirits and hear inspirational laughter from our wonderful grandmas.

Community Spirits

This week’s Friday-Fictioneers photo-prompt looks like a newly painted and restored community church and the boat is probably a leftover from a Bring and Buy sale. A big thank you to Lisa Fox for the picture and, as always, to Rochelle.

More story contributions are available to read on this link HERE.


Community Spirits

Pastor Samuel Brown was proud of the community of Clear Springs, who collectively repaired the church. It was the only building devastated when the Homochitto overflowed.

‘Should have built it on yonder hill,’ Mary-Anne muttered.
‘Trust in our saviour,’ said the Pastor. ‘Ask and you’ll receive.’
‘My Gerald’s Skip is your saviour. I’m asking two-hundred dollars.’
‘Doesn’t he use it for fishing?
‘Oh, he’s long gone,’ she said. ‘I’m grateful for every penny these days.’

The Pastor clasped Mary’s hands. ‘Your husband’s peaceful in God’s House.’
‘Whorehouse more like! He took off with slack Alice to Orlando.’
‘Bless my soul!’

City Slickers.

The sun is out and I am looking forward to a relaxing warm weekend. Roger Bultot’s photo-prompt reminds me to seek the shade if the sun becomes too hot. Thanks to our host Rochelle for presenting the challenge to write a story for our Friday-Fictioneers, a hundred words of fun. More contributions are available by clicking HERE.

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

City Slickers

We were called the city slickers in our faux Louis Vuitton short-sleeved shirts, embroidered ‘Domino Kings’. 
We played in the afternoon shade, sipping mint tea or black coffee, enjoying retirement in the street bustle.
Slowly, our numbers dwindled. Tony went to stay with his daughters in Chicago. 
Charlie’s eyesight is blurry with too much brandy, and Derek is getting his hips replaced.
Rich George is on a Caribbean cruise with Yasmin for two months.

Today, it is just us two playing pontoon. Darren is winning, and he is annoyingly cantankerous about George getting married.

“Hell, the floozy is only twenty-five!”

Alternative Neighbours

This week on Friday Fictioneers Sandra has given us a view of Corfe Castle, a place that had a role in the English Civil War.

I can only imagine that the effort to heat such a place with wood burning fires in the winter must have been a constant task.

Thank you Rochelle for the prompt and to Sandra for her contribution of the picture.

More Friday Fictioneers stories can be accessed HERE.

Photo prompt by Sandra Crook

Alternative Neighbours

What do you think, Ambrosia?
Oh! Lazarus, you said a castle. Well, it’s­ perfect.
I know, a dilapidated rustic palace.

Uncle Fungus will enjoy the putrid dungeon, with bones left from the Civil War.

What about Drusilla and her Black Widow collection?
There are also fusty caves for Felix’s horseshoe bats.

And the villagers? 

Ah! Cousin Gingivitis will charm them with his Nocturnes concerts.
Yes, and Aunt Verruca’s whiplash parties. How could they resist her Chinese burns?

If only mother was here to see this?
She already has, I dug her up yesterday.
Oh, Lazarus. You think of everything.