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Three Line Tales: A Journey to the Other-side.


Photo from Three Line Tales.

The engine stalled and the Ferry went adrift mid-river,

All that could be heard was the roaring rapids of the falls.

The engine started; a passenger smiled and said ,’well whatever.’


Three Line Tales – Exploration

Where there be Dragons.

Boots and Maps

By Rosan Harmens

The cartographer lays out the World for all to see,

But can we lace up our courage?

To explore space, “Where there be Dragons”.


Becoming Roots _Six Words

Writing six word stories, rather than a statement, is not as straight forward as it might seem. I end up pondering for hours over the picture prompts thinking up ideas then discarding them as whimsical and pointless. I aim to find the words that allow the reader to find the story, where their own experiences in life allows an enigmatic interpretation.

A mysterious winding path; requires courage.

Three Line Tales – Sweet Delusion

Sweet Delusion.

ice cakes

Photo -Stephanie McCabe From Three Line Tales

Only 100 words.

On the seven-seven to the Death Star, eating ice cakes with soft laced centers that make your mind scream and laugh with joy. Watch out for the dripping dark bitter ones that will turn you from a girl to a boy.

( Death Star )


Three Line Tales – Embryo Genesis

Universeweek19My Universe – from Three Line Tales

Embryo Genesis.

The existence of the Universe remains a paradox in a constant state of embryogenesis, and all my life I have been waiting for the origins of this beginning. Tell me; when will it end? So that I may at last expire and flourish with life.

Emotional Blackmail.

The Golden Gun  

(Six Word Novel.)


Gun to head; nothing you said.