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The Torment of Mellow Corn

This week’s picture is symbolic of a light from heaven floating above a church steeple. The image made me think of the UK television comedy show ‘Father Ted’. It portrays a shambolic group of priests, and particularly the character, Father Jack, who is a mad alcoholic lunatic.

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The Torment of Mellow Corn

Reverend Jamison obeyed the voice calling him to church. The burning, blinding light confirmed a higher authority was watching. 

His hands trembled as he staggered down the aisle to the pulpit where he found the sacramental wine. He gulped down the liquid, leaving little for the communion. He would mix in some water later.

The voice beckoned, much calmer and calling from the vestry. Where behind the bibles, he snatched a bottle of corn-whiskey and drank; to steady his nerves.

He knelt, ‘Save me, Lord.’ 

Religiously, he sipped the golden Mellow Liquid.

‘The grip of the Devil is tormenting me!’

Achromatopsia and the Train Driver

This week’s contribution to Friday Fictioneers.

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Photo by Sarah Potter

Achromatopsia and the Train Driver

The chimney’s shadow on the lawn signalled gin time.
Yahoo! Charlie mixed the drink with tonic and lemon; his hands were shaking and his pulse raced. He needed this rush to suppress his anxiety and to relax.
The DTs were horrific at night, locked in his room.
Before the programme he drank two full bottles a day to work coherently.
It was unfair of Amtrak to fire him; hell, those modern trains drive themselves.
He shouldn’t have said that, but it was the colour test that found him out.
Being an alcoholic is not as easy as black and white.