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Stuffed Bald Eagle–Trophy

This week’s Friday Fictioneers picture prompt from Krista Strutz, showing an Eagle, is a reminder to me of the constant struggle in Scotland. The Golden Eagle and numbers of other birds of prey are in decline and the efforts to encourage them to flourish are not popular. The birds prey on game, partridge and grouse, and sometimes young lambs and the idea of striking a balance between the wildlife and people’s livelihood is controversial.

PHOTO PROMPT © Krista Strutz 

Stuffed Bald Eagle–Trophy

John stood transfixed and his heart rate fluttered.
At first, he let the paddle board drift as he watched the eagle land so close.
The magnificent creature stared at him, as if deciding whether he was a threat.

He remained calm and tried to hold the board against the current. He had never been so close to a Bald Eagle, and he savoured every second.
Some people would pay a fortune for this trophy stuffed and on display.

Would people believe him? He wanted to shoot it and prove them wrong.
However, he had left his camera-kit in the car.