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Water, the Source of Beauty

This week’s Friday-Fictioneers picture reminded me of the many wells and Spas of mineral water with their health and healing giving properties. I remember seeing a movie, Countess Dracula 1971, with Ingrid Pitt as the Countess Elizabeth Bathory. The film’s theme is about the loss of youth and beauty.

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Water, the Source of Beauty

Beneath the flagstones are the remains of Countess Bathory. Her body is encased in oak, and it taints the water seeping into the basin with her blood. Legend says she weeps for the souls of deceased virgins.
I bless anyone who dares to drink from this source with longevity and eternal beauty.

The tour guide sprinkles salt into the glass, lifts her black veil and sips the water.
The visitors gasp, and are enchanted by the radiance of their guide, with flawless skin and features of a mythical goddess.

Ladies, please buy your personalised Bathory water from the gift shop.