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Three Line Tales – The Ghost of Nature


Photo by Rebecca Johnston

Three Line Tales – Week Thirty Five

The Ghost of Nature

I am the evolution and future of Earth’s existence.
The protector of all species within nature’s kingdom.
But, Man with his weapons predicates only the world’s extinction.

Three Line Tales – Cultured Hands


Three Line Tales – Only 100 words.


Photo by Alex Hockett

Visual art is symbolic of who we are,
and like our human souls there is eternal value,
in the preservation of our skin.

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Forked Tongue

Photo-Challenge – Fruit

Red Ripe Rowan Berries


In My Garden.

See how ripe the rowan berries are

Red as your glossy lips last night

And they taste like your colourful words

So bitter.

Three Line Tales – Time



Photo by Rachel Crowe

Our family heirloom
Past, present, and the future
Treasure in my hand