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Southern Warmth

Hi Bill, your picture prompt is a great picture and gives me the idea of a wild retirement of wandering freely, and seeking the warmth of sunshine and pleasant folks.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Bill Reynolds

Southern Warmth

The pioneer spirit rattled around, and I couldn’t shake it out my head.
I guess Grandpa’s stories of his prairie wagon days conjured my yearning for the open road.

After my retirement handshake I bought a Pickup and hauled a trailer all the way down to New Mexico fleeing the wintery, Chicago smog.
I couldn’t stay after my sweetheart succumbed to the city’s grime.

On the way I met a wandering soul who laments to my clumsy chords.
At night, we huddle watching Venus floating between Leo and Gemini.

She is called Louise, an oblivious blister in this imperfect world.