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The Last Lineage

I trust you are all well – and have a plan to get through the crisis sweeping across our world.

Take care out there and; WYH.

Here is my contribution for Friday Fictioneers based on the photograph by Jeff Arnold

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The Last Lineage

The publisher returned her novel of a Sci–Fi Trilogy. They asked Sabrina to write an improved leader into book two.
She slumped back in her chair, sipped wine and watched her ancient typewriter rattle out the final paragraph.

“From the single, surviving safety pod a small group stumbled and stared up at the brilliant clear sky. They felt humble to be alive after the one-hundred-year horror that had ravaged life on the planet. However, unknown to them, future anthropology will record their emergence as a new species; Homo-sapiens, the Teflon-man.”

Sabrina smiled, because she never could type or write.


Selfish Betrayal

Three Line Tales Week 82

Selfish Betrayal

I am spirit and naked flesh, promised with eternal heavenly peace.
In a world filled with joy and gifts of fruit, in a beautiful garden of Eden.
However truth, in an apple core, reveals my skeleton on the evolutionary scale.