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Magical Matilda

Thank you to Rochelle for posting Ted’s picture as this week’s prompt for Friday Fictioneers.
There are magical adventures for children in books, and in our library a lively reading group for children encourages their imagination to flourish. My fiction this week plays with the idea of being transported into the world of stories.

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Magical Matilda

Magical Matilda related stories to children in the library, and her incantations transported them to many places.

They felt sand between their toes as they watched turtles shuffle along the Barbados beach.
She talked about polar bears as the children shivered and huddled in an Igloo and rubbed noses with Eskimos wearing furry parkas.
In India, they rode elephants and picked tea leaves in Assam among one-horned Rhinos. 

Matilda’s magical spells failed when the Pied Piper stole her children in Hamelin, and siblings became ill, nibbling on gingerbread in a German forest.

Terrified, Matilda hid in a cuckoo’s nest.

Married Bliss

I am amazed how the BMW in Liz Young’s photo-prompt does not appear to have any damage, considering the wall and railings are in pieces.

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Photo Prompt Liz Young

Married Bliss

She drives wearing high heels, rummages in her handbag and,
at junctions, if she stops, she has to text the kids.
When we are in the car, she will nag at me.
You missed the kids’ school play and games day–-a crime in her eyes.
The traffic accident held me up. I didn’t get home until midnight.
Apparently, I never liked her Mum. Hell! the poor lady died before we met.

You are wearing the wrong shirt, and Martha will comment on it.

Who is Martha?

Enough! I screamed. I missed the brake. 

“See what I mean,” she said. 

The Nurse, the Virus and the Wormhole

Many thanks to Dale for this week’s photo-prompt, which reminds me of a classic children’s story.

The halo effect around the lamp has a warm spiritual feel of peace. However, I have gone for a Sci-Fi story this week.

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The Nurse, the Virus and the Wormhole

The lamp is on as a signal that all is well.

Nurse Gladys stared towards the Milky Way, looking for the return flash of plasmatic light. She was waiting for a vaccine delivery from Anolion; shivering, she pulled her coat collar up.

Two years ago, the Anolie materialised through a wormhole to gorge on Earth’s vegetation. Unfortunately, Gladys’ sons were the first of millions to die from a virus contracted from these aliens.

The Blue-Lighted packet appeared, it contained Vaccine and Anolie eggs.

The agreement was one of coexistence and to share resources.

Gladys smiled, she loved roasted Anolie.

Hugs for Christmas

In this weeks Friday Fictioneers I have added some humour, just what we all need at this time of the year.

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Hugs for Christmas

Oh Sandra, just look at him. Poor, poor Worzel.
I think I know what he wants.

A brain, Mary. That’s what all scarecrows want?
And he has one of those faces, it reminds me of the ‘Elephant Man.’

Do you think if I kiss him, he’ll turn into a handsome prince?

I take it back, Mr Worzel, it’s Mary who needs the brain.
Where are you going?

Oh Sandra, there is something I really need. 
Look at him, he is so inviting. 
I’m going to hug him and hug him.

Yes, wait for me, Mary. I need a hug too.