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Moira Seeks Adventure

This week’s prompt reminded me of the Outer Hebrides, those island off the west coast of Scotland. They are wonderful places to visit and the impression is an idyllic life. The islands are know for their products of tweed cloth and whisky distillers. The range of employment is problematic for many young people who seek careers elsewhere.

Thanks to Rochelle for the Friday-Fictioneers picture prompt. More stories can be read HERE.

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Moira Seeks Adventure

Moira smiled with admiration after polishing the spinning wheel. It had been in the family for generations, and a centrepiece of conversation for visitors to mother’s tearoom.

In the distance across the bay, she saw Hamish pulling up his crab and lobsters traps as a flock of seagulls hovered around him. On this island, it was an isolated life in winter.

However, the summer was grand, with a bedlam of tourists coming to see the seals and red deer.
She would listen to the boys’ chatter about their wonderful travels.

Oh, how she dreamed of escaping into their adventurous world.