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The Office Laundry

The challenge this week from Rochelle for Friday-Fictioneers is a lovely picture from Na’ama Yehuda. My first impression to this prompt was to think of Thumbelina and where she would do her laundry? Instead, I have gone for piece about an office party.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda

The Office Laundry

The office secret Santa presents are useless items given to generate moments of tasteful laughter at the party.
They gave Mrs Welsh a pair of woollen knickers as she constantly complained about the cold air beneath her skirt.

Occasionally, the joke was incomprehensible and generated both unease and fodder for speculative gossip.
Why did Julie spill her drink and blush when George Carson received a pink toy washing machine?

Doris had seen them holding hands, and Angela thought Julie looked radiant.
Should they buy new hats? 

Tom, the Devil’s advocate, bought a black tie, in case Mrs Carson found out. 

Paperless Office

Remember the office days with paper and files kept in dusty rooms and cabinets.
When people borrowed your pen, just for a second, and you never saw it again.
Those were the days before management demanded efficiency and screen time took over.
There is no turning back.

Friday Fictioneers 100 Word Stories

PHOTO PROMPT @ Jan Wayne Fields

Paperless Office

It’s those little things I miss, like fiddling with paper clips while I study company reports. Opening bursting folders and laying out charts and graphs all held down with rocks I brought back from a picnic.
We were people then and you my gregarious secretary.
We once sat by the Thames and drank Bollinger while eating salmon sandwiches for lunch. 
I asked, and you said yes.

We grew as business partners and you travelled the globe in executive jets.
Apart, our love became metamorphic in Cyber Space and on Zoom.

Siri recommends picnic rugs.
It’s those little things I miss.