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In The Circle Of His Love

I have completed the publishing of Christian Poetry for Muriel Burns. It was an interesting experience as I proceeded through the editing process only to be told off by Muriel. She made her demands clear, her poetry does not conform to the rules of punctuation. I will admit this makes understanding her work slightly ambiguous, but nevertheless it remains interesting. Of course this was the author’s intention.

She was delighted with her artwork being prominent on the cover and the layout of her poetry throughout the book met her precise demands.  I suspect her friends, for whom this book has been produced, will also be delighted.

Amazon -In the Circle of His love


Free on Kindle this weekend from 31st of October and for five days.

“The Case of the Mahjong Dragon” is up for grabs on Kindle. Tell your friends and write a critical review – the good the bad and the ugly- or the better if you think it deserves a kind word or two.  But most of all enjoy reading the book for its entertainment value.


Published – The Case of the Mahjong Dragon

My new book “The Case of the Mahjong Dragon and other Russell Holmes Stories” has been published on Amazon’s Kindle.

The Case of the Mahjong Dragon

The paperback version is under review and will be available soon. You have been introduced to the characters, so go ahead and find out how Russell Holmes deals with the ‘murders’.