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Where Dreams Die

This week’s picture of a disused and dilapidated building is a reminder, that nothing lasts forever. There is always a reason, and every place has its memories. Thank you, Bill, for the photo.

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Many thanks to Rochelle for as forever hosting the prompt.

PHOTO PROMPT © Bill Reynolds

Where Dreams Die

It was on the day Dorothy disappeared when the tornado tore Grandpa’s fabrication business to shreds. Everyone left to find a new livelihood.

John squeezed Dorothy’s hand. “This is all yours now. Just think––‘
‘Don’t think! I am selling.’ She released his hand. ‘Look.’ She strode towards the gas bottles. Dry heat had cracked the hoses and seized the nozzles.

She remembered Grandpa welding a gate and sparks falling around his feet. That same day, a military car arrived, and Mum began screaming. Dad was missing. 

‘It was Dad’s only dream.’ She gritted her teeth. ‘I never found him.’