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Publisher – Alibrasphere and the Ubiquitous Author – Missing

Ubiquitous Author – Missing

During one of the Indie Authors’ Meetings I attend, I met an enthusiastic writer who told me he writes a book in 30 days and within two months gets it published. I never grasped in what genre he writes. He is on his third book of his trilogy, so perhaps it’s fantasy. Good luck to him.
I am afraid I took my time with my first novel, almost 12 months. I searched for inspiration in Stephen King’s ‘On Writing -A Memoir of the Craft.’ Like all crafts, the skill involved improves with experience, and there is nothing new in that piece of wisdom. However, putting the advice into practice and taking action really matters.

My idea was simple: Young girl taken into care, her father is dead, her mother is missing and is a murder suspect. Years later, girl sets out on a journey to find her mother.

Perhaps not the exciting thriller you might expect; my point was to take an idea and focus on the premise to produce a great story for a novel.
Writing, getting edited and proofread, setting up my publishing imprint and eventually putting the book out into the world was a great experience of self-learning.
Now that I have trod this beaten track, I have an enormous admiration for the hundreds of writers who tirelessly have followed their dream and can make a living writing their books.
My first novel, MISSING, is now available to order in any bookshop, online retailer or library both in paperback and ebook.

I expect that makes me a ubiquitous author.

Here is the Link to Kobo as an example.


Flight to Freedom

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Flight to Freedom

Susan MacKay was travelling to Australia, and to a new teacher’s post in Brisbane.
Her stomach churned; was her flight delayed?
Oh no! She had planned to be airborne when the kitchen exploded into flames and the fire brigade found her husband’s charred remains. Forensics would conclude he died of an overdose and of gas inhalation. Suicide. An insurance payout.
His gambling debts and affairs drove her to a mental breakdown.
“Would Mrs MacKay please report to the information desk?”
She froze. Had he escaped? Did the burning candle not ignite the gas?
“Last call for Mrs MacKay at gate 10C.”