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Pestiferous Ghost 

In this week’s Friday Fictioneers I have wandered into a world of SciFi, where a dying planet is being abandoned to its fate.

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PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

Pestiferous Ghos

The stowaway white plasma detected in Conception’s engine troubled Captain Gohan. He must eliminate this intrusion.
First, he set the destination coordinates and fired the thrusters. The transporter lurched free from Rathe’s orbit.
He shook with grief. Forever he had left his home.

Rathe’s population struggling with an uninhabitable climate was being annihilated by flares from their star.
Survival of their species depended on Conception’s arrival on another planet, abundant with air, water, and food.
Probing missions confirmed their superiority over existing life-forms.

Somehow, he must destroy this pestiferous plasma, or else it will consume all life on the Blue-planet. 

The Trappist Zone

Friday Fictioneers


PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

The Trappist Zone

George, the transporter is landing.
Will I miss this place?
We did our best George, we must start over, a new beginning.
I feel a failure; all the destruction and greed.
Oh, George, remember the woolly mammoth.
Downhill since then. Where did we go wrong?
We gave them dreams and intelligence. Our experiment had potential.
Yes, we did very well, but should we just abandon them?
It’s too late, they are out of control; a self-consuming infestation.
George, the bag?
Yes, all human goodness, fully packed.
Think of our next creation; “Mensch”.
A perfect ideal; the Trappist Zone is ready.