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Extinction is not a choice–Survivors

My thanks go to Dale for her picture of a flooded patio area, after a heavy rainstorm. Does this happen every year or just occasionally?

Many will suggest climate change as the reason for the flooding. Although climate change has been a constant drift over hundreds of years, we now know how this drift has sped up over the last tens of years. But as a planet of humans, are we heading for extinction?

Extinction is not a choice–Survivors

We stood in a circle and held hands. Everyone understood the ritual; our strength and fortitude were the foundations of the past and our future. 

Greta, believe us; we will not move and live in the forests. Our generations have survived by this lake, our home. 

We are the descendants from Lucy and accept Earth is a living monster of storms and earthquakes with an infestation of a multitude of life. As the environment changes, we will embrace technology and adapt.

Let us honour Mother Earth as she nurtures us.

We pray for humanity since extinction is not a choice. 

The Last Lineage

I trust you are all well – and have a plan to get through the crisis sweeping across our world.

Take care out there and; WYH.

Here is my contribution for Friday Fictioneers based on the photograph by Jeff Arnold

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The Last Lineage

The publisher returned her novel of a Sci–Fi Trilogy. They asked Sabrina to write an improved leader into book two.
She slumped back in her chair, sipped wine and watched her ancient typewriter rattle out the final paragraph.

“From the single, surviving safety pod a small group stumbled and stared up at the brilliant clear sky. They felt humble to be alive after the one-hundred-year horror that had ravaged life on the planet. However, unknown to them, future anthropology will record their emergence as a new species; Homo-sapiens, the Teflon-man.”

Sabrina smiled, because she never could type or write.