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Architects in Love

Thank you to Anne Higa for the picture of the Bell Tower in Pisa and to Rochelle for posting it to challenge us with this prompt to produce a 100-word piece of flash fiction for Friday Fictioneers.

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Architects in Love

When visiting Pisa, I fell in love with Angelina.
We held hands and debated the construction mistakes made in building the famous bell tower. 

I loved the way she flicked the Fettunta crumbs from her chin. I watched over my Chianti how she puckered her lips around the Picipasta.
She leaned against my shoulder and promised to meet every summer in Pisa. 

Each August, I sat alone by the tower. I knew why.

This year she came. She smiled and trembled as I kissed her temple.
Laughing in her wheelchair, I pushed her around the tower.

For her last time.

Meet Me by the Amaryllis

Friday Fictioneers – Rochelle Wisof-Fields

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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Meet me by the Amaryllis

Julie called and told me to meet in the Biosphere by the amaryllis flowers.
Don’t be late, her excitement was infectious. I suspected, she had great news from the fertility clinic.
I booked a table at Antonio’s for later.
Emergency vehicles blocked 5th Avenue and because of the long detour I was late.
Where was she?
The flowers were beautiful – I wondered if they would miss one for Julie’s hair.
I could say it had fallen onto the floor.
It’s not like Julie to be late, I checked my iPhone.
I read the news; three dead on 5th Avenue.