Author – James McEwan

I grew up on a farm, in Scotland, and left school before my sixteenth birthday. My varied career in Telecommunications, over the years, has provided me with the opportunity to travel to many wonderful places like; the Caribbean, Central America,  Hong-Kong and most countries in Europe.
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I write short stories for magazines and for a number of Internet sites, and in June 2014 I published a collection of short fiction in my book ,The Listener.
I hold a BSc (Hon) in Electronic Engineer and to develop my writing I enrolled with the Open University to complete degrees in  BA (Hon)  Humanities with Creative Writing and a Diploma in the German Language and Culture.
In my younger days I enjoyed Orienteering and won a bronze medal in the world championship, which took place in the New Territories of Hong Kong. Nowadays, I jog regularly to maintain a healthy glow and enjoy hill walking and swimming.
Presently, I read American and British contemporary fiction and crime novels. I also get lost in the poetry of Seamus Heaney.

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  1. James, are you on Facebook? We are fellow writers on Fiction on the Web, and I would like to “friend”you on FB, is possible.

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  2. Hmm. Wonder why your comments aren’t going through on FOTW? There are a lot of James Leggates on FB. I can’t find you. Maybe easier if you find me – Sharon Frame Gay on FB – you will recognize my picture. I am also on FB as Sharon Frame Gay-Writer, but that is informational and a person can’t “friend” me on that one. Thanks! Sharon


  3. James, I found ya on FB and just sent a friend request! Thanks! Sharon Frame Gay

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