Stormy Love Affair

Over the last few weeks we have been battered by some tempestuous weather, some unfortunate people are still suffering the consequences of flooding. Two years ago strong winds damaged sections of my roof, but I must praise the insurance company for their quick and prompt reassurance.

Tempestuous Love Affair.

It was off the shores of St Lucia
Where Henry first fell for Imogen
As warm waters washed along the beach,
And on the soft white coral sand
Henry proposed to the besotted Imogen.

Their love was fuelled by Bacardi rum
With idyllic days beneath the Caribbean sun
of fun filled frolicking in the cooling sea,
and off on their honeymoon they sailed free
Embraced in the hot humid nights of passion.

Their journey took a northward course
Where snowflakes fluttered like confetti
In one dark silent night what Henry said:
Gave Imogen a fright and was terribly upsetting
She leapt through the air in flight across the sea.

A thunderous storm -free pictures

Stormy Image

Their passion had swept into a whirling rage
Love melted into a cynical cold and icy mood
Biting anger turned to a torrid tempestuous swirl
That raced and chased across fleeing frothing waves
Raining tears and fighting as cats and dogs would.

Their gathering menace built to a mighty storm
That ripped off roofs from homes and barns
And tore up trees out from their earth fixed roots
As Imogen’s tears soaked into the sodden earth
The rivers flooded and poured water into homes.

Henry lashed out wailing all through day and night
As the land felt the flaying of his mighty force
Feeling the agony of the lovesick Henry’s plight
Since Imogen and gone forever and never forgiving
For that one dark night and of what Henry had said.

Thousands sat in homes flooded in cold darkness
Powerless to respond or intervene with nature’ way
They understood the pains of love’s broken promises
And waiting, praying for peace and their family’s safety
From the unrelenting love between Henry and Imogen.

2 responses to “Stormy Love Affair

  1. You can understand why some people worship and try to placate the Gods of weather and nature can’t you. Puts us puny humans in our place and no mistake. Great piece on the power of nature.

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  2. Wonderful, James! Your poem is as powerful as that striking photo! Let’s have more! June

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