Friday Fictioneers


PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson


It’s okay Malcolm, if you want to cry.
I’m so scared.
Tell me, Malcolm, what makes you feel so afraid?
I see colours, following me.
Now Malcolm, I am here to help, tell me what things?
I can’t, you’ll think I am . . .
Here’s a tissue, Malcolm. I understand. I am here to help.
Do you? I think you are one of THEM!
Don’t shout, Malcolm, we are all the same.
No, we’re not, you’re weird.
Malcolm, you are the one who is different.
SEE! am I the only one?
Please Malcolm, join us, be an umbrella person.

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Ayla – Moon Glow Girl

Friday Fictioneers – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


PHOTO PROMPT © Gah Learner

Ayla – Moon Glow Girl

Mary Anne wrote up her diary notes, on the corner of the page was a little face. She smiled watching the full moon rise over the hill, an omen that sent tingling down her spine. The thermometer, from under her tongue, was one degree higher, a perfect BBT.
She would call her baby Ayla, a ‘moon glow’ girl. She must get David in the mood with a warm meal and soft music, lately he was stressed by the street riots and police murders.
Make him forget and relax.
The moon rose higher, he was late; please David return home safe.

A Mystical Murder Trapped in Time

Friday Fictioneers


PHOTO PROMPT © Nathan Sowers grandson of our own Dawn M. Miller

A Mystical Murder Trapped in Time

The remains in the burned-out shed were impossible to identify, so DCI MacLeod employed Mystical Egandor to investigate.
Egandor set up his past generator, a mirror he called Visionar, at the scene. He had to thump it to make it work, it shuddered in protest but eventually the past shed reflected in the glass.
Egandor fell asleep waiting and when he woke saw the reflection had disappeared, he thumped Visionar. Nothing.

He turned and saw the intact shed in the garden, confused, he opened the door and went inside.
Visionar shimmered and reflected a sunbeam to set the shed ablaze.

Sherlock has Disappeared

Friday Fictioneers – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


PHOTO PROMPT © Yvette Prior

Watson tasted the residue powder on the tip of his tongue, it was tart and acerbic. Holmes! he thought, not again, where has he gone? Think.
Holmes had promised to forget about the Doctor, to relax, have a good night’s sleep, instead he has disappeared, another hunch.

Couldn’t he leave a note—perhaps he has; chain smoking, sniffing coke, tissues, French brandy, and a dog’s bowl? We don’t have a dog! The Yankee candle, he hadn’t seen that before. Where Holmes?
It’s no use; better clean this mess up before Mrs Hudson arrives.
Yes! Hudson Bay, why? Damn you Holmes.

On the Run – Scarface Mahoney

Friday Fictioneers


PHOTO PROMPT © Ronda Del Boccio

On the Run

Scarface Mahoney packed an overnight bag and checked his passport.

No use; the airports will be under surveillance, they’ll be watching the bus station and they know where his Daimler is parked.

He searched the loft and found his old army rucksack. There was nothing for it, he would have to trek across the Rockies and escape into Canada. At least Mugs O’Reilly was still living in that old miner’s shack, he’ll hide out there and somehow; yea, somehow get to Cuba where his retirement $10 million was stashed.

He had to respect the code, he got the message – ‘grass’.



Book Review

A great thank you to Emily.

Emily read my short stories The Case of The Mahjong Dragon and kindly posted her honest opinion on her site and on Amazon.

Read Emily’s literary critique of the stories on her site.

Dream Marriage

Friday Fictioneers – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields



Dream Marriage

If we sail before the sun’s up, we’ll cross the Indian Ocean and be in Australia for dinner.
You’re right David, imagine kangaroo steaks.
Charles don’t encourage him, it’s another impossible dream, it’ll come to nothing.
Why not darling, we should sail to Australia.
Darling, at our age we need rest not big ideas.
Mary, we are as young as our hearts, it’ll be a dream adventure.
Darling David, we’ve had a lovely evening, let’s sleep on it.
Remember the day we first met.
Yes, funny enough I rejected you.
Your exact words were, ‘In your dreams David McClusky.’

Mahjong Dragon – Book Downloads

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Thank you to everyone, and I trust you have enjoyed the read.

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The Mahjong Dragons

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“A brisk walk in the Botanic Gardens before breakfast stimulates the mind for a good murder.’

This is not Sherlock Holmes, but I challenge you to not think about him as you read the stories.
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The Case of The Mahjong Dragon 

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The Trappist Zone

Friday Fictioneers


PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

The Trappist Zone

George, the transporter is landing.
Will I miss this place?
We did our best George, we must start over, a new beginning.
I feel a failure; all the destruction and greed.
Oh, George, remember the woolly mammoth.
Downhill since then. Where did we go wrong?
We gave them dreams and intelligence. Our experiment had potential.
Yes, we did very well, but should we just abandon them?
It’s too late, they are out of control; a self-consuming infestation.
George, the bag?
Yes, all human goodness, fully packed.
Think of our next creation; “Mensch”.
A perfect ideal; the Trappist Zone is ready.