Russell Holmes

Russell Holmes’ mother died during childbirth(1850)  and he was brought up by his grandparents. His Grandfather was a wealthy builder and merchant. After the death of both of  his grandparents (1884 &1886) Russell inherited the family home in Victoria Circus.
He  studied Law at Glasgow University , but decided to pursue a military career and  served as a Captain with the 74th (Highland) Regiment of Foot, (2nd Battalion Highland Light Infantry) recruited from the City of Glasgow.

During his time in Egypt he was severely wounded at the battle of Tel El Kebir 13 Sept 1882.
Released from his military position he worked for a period at the Law Courts in Glasgow, but became disillusioned with the inequalities of the justice system. He lives on the rental income from his lodgers and the fees he receives from his private investigation commissions.

Russell Holmes

Sherlock Holmes in Edinburgh

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