Photo-Challenge – Blue

I am not a photographer, but thought I would participate this week in the Tuesday Photo-Challenge.

The Horse Arena. 008

Reaching up towards the morning light

These blue drops full of sweet nectar

Are the gifts from the garden Goblins

Now asleep in their green foliage bed

After dancing all through the night.



16 responses to “Photo-Challenge – Blue

  1. You’ve brought these flowers to life so delightfully.

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  2. Lovely flowers and words ……

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  3. James, what a creative post. I love, love, love those flowers and your poetry brought a smile to my face.

    Thank you! I’m uplifted.

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  4. Beautiful flowers (grape hyacinths ?) .

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  5. Lovely words James and striking blue flowers.

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  7. Great photo and the poem makes a perfect post!

    Thanks for sharing,


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  8. Beautiful!!!! The poem is so ethereal, it makes one view the image in a different way!

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  9. Pretty perfect and so publishable! Keep up the poems with pictures. June

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