They Grow So Fast

Thank you, Rochelle, for one of your water colours as our Friday-Fictioneer prompt. I can recall when I was a child of the days running through the soft surf and collecting shells. Scrambling over rocks and poking around small pools was also lots of fun. 

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Photo-prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

They Grow So Fast

Jessica was fearless.
At three she ran into the sea, and I had to rescue her from the pounding waves.
You never told me it was salty, she had said.

At four, she fell off the donkey.
It was my fault. I should have told her she was too small to be a jockey.

At ten she climbed the fifty-foot cliff face.
My heart raced. Get off I screamed. You’ll fall.
She laughed.

At twenty, she is sailing solo across the Atlantic.

These shells soothe my apprehension and remind me of our fun times.
Oh, Jessica, you grew so fast. 


37 responses to “They Grow So Fast

  1. Dear James,

    Jessica’s not a shrinking violet. I can see where she’d keep her father’s heart racing. Lovely piece.



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  2. I’m sure she’ll be fine

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  3. Always daddy’s little girl. Touching tale.

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  4. Gradually we all learn from experience. Lovely story

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  5. That’s one intrepid daughter raised.
    Kudos to the parents!
    All will be well.
    There’ll be more victory and pride – for both.

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  6. michael1148humphris

    I really enjoyed the form and substance of this.

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  7. Awwwww. Daddy’s little girl. I like the shells giving him comfort. The love shines through in your story.

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  8. Interesting story, James. Well done.

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  9. An adventurer! A tale many parents can relate to I’m sure.

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  10. You have introduced us so perfectly to Jessica and her loving father. A wonderful story.


  11. I was sure Jessica would take off on some exciting journey! Makes me wish I’d been a bit more adventuresome in my youth 🙂

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  12. Sailing the Atlantic, wow! I’m sure she inherited her adventurous spirit from her father? 🙂 We want them to fly, but worry when they do (oy)! Lovely piece.

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  13. Oh wow… she’s fearless and a fire cracker! How hard it must be to let go. Lovely piece

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  14. Really sweet story, and yes, fearless children do add to the silver hairs!

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  15. I love their bond.
    Lovely story.

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  16. Jessica sounds like my youngest daughter.
    They are adventurous but cause great worry.
    I do wish I had taken more risks … but.
    I enjoyed this unfolding story, James.
    Nicely done … Isadora 😎

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  17. Such a lovely poetic piece so much caught in a few words, just lovely, they will always be our little girls no matter how old they grow to be 🙂

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  18. A 10-year-old scaling a 50-foot cliff is a pretty amazing feat.

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  19. What a wonderful story of a mother’s enduring love. Have a great week!

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