Sherlock Holmes and his relatives – Russell Holmes

Recently I was asked if Russell Holmes was a relative of the great Sherlock Holmes character. However, when I wrote the short story, The case of the Mahjong Dragon, it did not occur to me to make any connection. The short story was only intended as a one of, and therefore, without any family linkage implied. I am not sure, even in a fictional sense, that it would be desirable to make this connection.

Russell Holmes’ mother, Elisabeth Russell Homes, (maiden name), died in her teens and shortly after giving birth to a baby boy, Russell. His paternal grandparents brought him up in Glasgow, Scotland. He studied at Glasgow University and afterwards  disillusioned with practicing law joined the army.

Any possible family link to Sherlock could only be realized  through Russell’s grandfather’s family branch. This may require checking and being consistent with records from 1810 to 1830 and investigating the work of the original author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I would suspect there is no connection to be substantiated although in the realm of fiction anything is possible. But, and this is a large but, any attempt to build a fictitious family tree would require a great deal of consistency with the originators work and his numerous of characters.



In the meantime, I will give some thought to the possible relationship between Russell Holmes and Miss Clare Mackenzie, my book leaves them strolling in the Botanic Gardens.

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  1. Most interesting, indeed! June

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  2. Indeed most interesting, thanks June.


  3. Ah most interesting my dear Mc Ewan


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