Chocolate Desire


Image by Bikugurl 2016

Chocolate Desire – 100 Word Wednesday – Week 6

See how I shiver with lecherous impulsive greed as you tempt me with your dark smooth and sultry sweetness.

See how I drool, as I am forbidden to stroke your caramel coloured skin, as my fingers warm with desire to caress your buttery interior.

See how I gasp, as you open and part your chocolate softness and I lust after to lick the musty slit clean of oozing sweet cream.

See how I blush, as you provocatively tease and I quiver as if in the silent moment of commitment before the touch of an adulterous kiss.

I’m yours, Dark Temptress.

12 responses to “Chocolate Desire

  1. Oy – Behave yourself young man

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  2. Oh, my, James McEwan, this is very provocative and sensual. All for that delicious chocolate cake! Well done. Ha

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  3. Splendid stuff James – I shall never look at a chocolate cake in quite the same way again (and my life is all the richer for it!)

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  4. SUPERB! This is your best yet. It’s simply overwhelmingly good. Be proud! June

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  5. A very sensuous response James, well done..

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  6. A fallen man – all for a piece of chocolate cake 🙂

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  9. Growl!! Tempting cake and experience 🙂 Fabulous ❤

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