Chocolate Desire


Image by Bikugurl 2016

Chocolate Desire – 100 Word Wednesday – Week 6

See how I shiver with lecherous impulsive greed as you tempt me with your dark smooth and sultry sweetness.

See how I drool, as I am forbidden to stroke your caramel coloured skin, as my fingers warm with desire to caress your buttery interior.

See how I gasp, as you open and part your chocolate softness and I lust after to lick the musty slit clean of oozing sweet cream.

See how I blush, as you provocatively tease and I quiver as if in the silent moment of commitment before the touch of an adulterous kiss.

I’m yours, Dark Temptress.

12 responses to “Chocolate Desire

  1. Growl!! Tempting cake and experience 🙂 Fabulous ❤

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  4. A fallen man – all for a piece of chocolate cake 🙂

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  5. A very sensuous response James, well done..

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  6. SUPERB! This is your best yet. It’s simply overwhelmingly good. Be proud! June

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  7. Splendid stuff James – I shall never look at a chocolate cake in quite the same way again (and my life is all the richer for it!)

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  8. Oh, my, James McEwan, this is very provocative and sensual. All for that delicious chocolate cake! Well done. Ha

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  9. Oy – Behave yourself young man

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