Friday Fictioneers – Rachel Wisoff-Fields


PHOTO PROMPT © Anshu Bhojnagarwala

Burn! Burn!

I got the book, ‘How to Declutter’.
My memories too precious for the charity shops, I prayed and heaped them on my bonfire.
Good riddance I thought, there is no turning back now.
I felt elated and mentally free from all those things. You know all the stuff which you said we really, really need, but never did.
Victoria’s secrets still in their packaging. Celebrity Cook books. Tons of clothes, once worn gowns. Shoes. Photographs from the wedding. Files and files of solicitors’ letters.
Burn! Burn!
I cleansed and purified my home, mind and soul.
Hell! I still miss you.


34 responses to “BURN! BURN!

  1. Burn! Burn! Amazing post…Every word hard touching.

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  2. Things might spark memories, but they don’t hold them. Nicely written.

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  3. Burning items do not destroy memory.

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  4. Beautifully done. The lead in to what is burning, the ended marriage is subtle but also not. Well written

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  5. Sometimes I wish I had the hutzpah to do that!

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  6. The irony of loving, even when the other person isn’t worthy. Good writing.

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  7. This was a story that takes you on a journey in 100 words. A lot packed in. Great take.

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  8. Oh that list really told a whole story… you have the whole sad story in those letters to the solicitor… not just clutter but a heavy burden.

    One of my favorite short stories ever is this one by August Strindberg, it shares the way you use a list to tell the whole story.


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  9. This is some people’s story. Sad.

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  10. Initially, it seems that he’s just on a mission to declutter, but the last line reveals that he’s trying to get over his grief. A well-crafted tale.

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  11. No amount of fire can make you forget.
    Nice one, James


  12. I could feel all of that fire, all of the irritation until the heart spoke in that last line. Very well written, James!

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  13. Burning something is always so final. Can’t be repaired, can’t be fixed. Gone with the wind. But memories can’t be burnt without hurting yourself. Great piece.

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  14. Good twist in the last line. If only he could burn those memories too!

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  15. Terrific last line.

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  16. I like the energy within the writing – gives a sense of the man on a mission of burning – maybe to stop himself becoming sentimental ? Think the last line is a perfect conclusion. Very well observed.

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  17. Loved the last line

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  18. The marriage bond is a strong one, certainly, and your story makes that point effectively. I’m intrigued that I can’t tell the gender of the narrator. At first read I felt it was a woman throwing away things that had been mostly bought to please her husband – and emotionally I still think that’s the better fit. But it could definitely be a man burning stuff that his wife had demanded and never used. I’d be fascinated to know which was intended!

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    • I know. Isn’t the ambiguity baffling. Who would buy a book about decluttering, (Marie Kondo – book for instance) mostly women – but who would happily burn the wedding photographs, possibly a man. I wrote this from the point of view of a man, he bought the Victoria Secrets as presents. that was a waste of money! Thank you for your in depth interest.

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  19. Dear James,

    Something tells me the clutter he’s removing isn’t his own. Good one.



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