Three Line Tales – The Ghost of Nature


Photo by Rebecca Johnston

Three Line Tales – Week Thirty Five

The Ghost of Nature

I am the evolution and future of Earth’s existence.
The protector of all species within nature’s kingdom.
But, Man with his weapons predicates only the world’s extinction.

8 responses to “Three Line Tales – The Ghost of Nature

  1. Among American Natives the wihte deer has mystical qualities. This is a lovely look at nature.

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  2. Perfectly beatiful verse to go with a stunning picture. This is your thing! June

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  3. Gorgeous image and very stirring and thought provoking words

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  4. Oh yes, there’s something quite supernatural about it. Great take!

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  5. oh wow. your lines and the photo blend so well. that third line is a sad reality.

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  6. Such eerie and prophetic words. You’ve captured the otherworldly essence of this image so well.

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