Forked Tongue – James McEwan

Forked Tongue

The good people at Literally Stories have picked my contribution – Forked Tongue – as their Sunday read. They have included some background information on what inspired me to write the story from my time living in Berlin.

Please read the story here: Literally Stories – Forked Tongue – James McEwan

Let the Literally Stories team know if you enjoyed the reading experience by leaving a brief comment on their page.

Many thanks to Leila Allison for selecting my work as a re-read on their site.


11 responses to “Forked Tongue – James McEwan

  1. Sharon Frame Gay

    I really liked this story, James, and so glad that Literally Stories posted it again. Good job!

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  2. Great atmosphere, dialogue and suspense. I thought you did a good job incorporating German phrases into the dialogue, as they added to the story’s authenticity.

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  3. I enjoyed the story; especially the suspense! Congratulations!

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  4. Congratulations. Awesome all round!

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  5. I felt drawn in by this story, full of ambiance and I think the German conversations worked well.

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